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M. Goldschmidt Capital: Companies/investments

AQUAporin A/S

Ultra-pure water is in demand by manufacturers of computer chips, pharmaceuticals and flat screens, among others.

As a shareholder and through its seat on the board of directors of AQUAporin A/S, M. Goldschmidt Capital A/S has invested capital and participates in a joint venture with Teknologisk Innovation A/S under the Danish Technological Institute, contributing additional capital to finalise the development of this project.

AQUAporin A/S has developed a patented system for developing a selective water membrane capable of purifying water 100%. The technology is being developed in collaboration with a number of European industrial and academic partners in a joint EU project in which AQUAporin A/S has been the prime mover.

The global market for ultra-pure water totals around DKK 20 billion and AQUAporin A/S expects the membrane technology to offer a vast potential.