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1 September 2008

Imerco introduces brand new store concept

Appetite for life – that is exactly what our many customers will get when they visit one of Imerco’s 150 newly refurbished stores across Denmark from 1 September.

Plotting the course with a new vision and mission focused on housewares, Imerco will celebrate the first anniversary of its conversion into a capital chain on 1 September to mark the completion of a nation-wide DKK 30 million refurbishment programme covering all of its 150 stores in a move to align vision, identity and expression.

From 1 September, the new Imerco logo will become part of the retail streetscape across Denmark, illuminating the store fronts with its characteristic icons based on colours from natural kitchen elements, utensils and cooking. All stores will be fitted with new store fronts, new check-out counters and new display desks, and an updated store design will create a more welcoming and well-structured store layout.

The comprehensive transformation from traditional hardware stores to a nation-wide housewares specialist marks the culmination of a major process whose success is owing to the exceptional efforts of Imerco’s 1,000 employees and to Imerco’s strength and drive as a major capital chain backed by M. Goldschmidt Capital, its investor and largest shareholder.

“After the successful conversion into a capital chain, the next logical step was to update Imerco’s vision and strategy. Due to our financial resources and strong organisation, we are now putting our words into action by effecting a thorough transformation of all stores in a single move. The result is a new Imerco that will position us strongly in the market,” said Søren Bjørn Hansen, Chairman of Imerco Holding A/S and CEO of M. Goldschmidt Capital A/S.

“The modern consumer expects much more than just shelves full of goods. In the future, Imerco therefore intends to offer experiences as well. We want to exude zest and appetite for life and allow our customers to draw inspiration from the latest housewares trends,” said Imerco CEO Ib Berntsen.

Mr. Berntsen makes no secret of the fact that the successful process was only made possible by Imerco’s immensely dedicated employees: “In just 12 months, we have created an entirely new company based on the best features of the “old” hardware stores, such as professionalism, a high level of service and a sense of community, combined with the many new opportunities offered by the capital chain’s resources as exemplified by the huge transformation of our stores, intensified and significantly enhanced marketing efforts and so on. We are very, very proud of the end result,” said Mr. Berntsen.

The Imerco Holding Group

The Imerco Holding Group, Denmark’s largest nation-wide housewares chain, currently has 150 stores with retail revenue totalling DKK 1.5 billion.

Imerco is continuously expanding its market position as Denmark’s leading housewares chain and plans to grow to at least 180 stores across Denmark. Imerco aims to raise its market share from the current 30% to 40% of the specialty trade in Denmark.

M. Goldschmidt Capital is the largest shareholder of Imerco Holding. Our investment was made as part of the Imerco chain’s conversion from a voluntary chain to a capital chain in 2007. In addition to capital contribution, M. Goldschmidt Capital A/S is actively represented on the company’s board of directors to ensure efficient and timely implementation of the consolidation and growth strategy set out.

The Imerco Holding Group is extremely well-consolidated with equity of more than DKK 500 million. The group has 1,000 employees.

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