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3 February 2014

Annual report for Danish Aerospace Company ApS

Danish Aerospace Company delivers a very satisfactory result

Danish Aerospace Company ApS, a subsidiary of the M. Goldschmidt Holding group, today announces the release of its 2012/2013 annual report.

Key achievements are:

  • Danish Aerospace Company realized a very satisfactory operating earnings (EBTIDA) of DKK 9.6m
  • The company’s new profile will, together with its advanced equipment, help creating an even stronger brand within the space sector.
  • Danish Aerospace Company and Aquaporin A/S have established the joint venture company, Aquaporin Space Alliance, in order to commercialize the Aquaporin water cleaning technology in corporation with ESA and NASA.

Danish Aerospace Company, who among other things develop medical equipment for the European Space Agency ESA and for NASA, realized in 2012/13 a very satisfactory operating earnings (EBTIDA) of DKK 9.6m including one-off costs incurred in connection with the new domicile.

During the past year, Danish Aerospace Company saw satisfactory new contract wins and add-ons to existing contracts. The Company also continued supporting both ESA’s and NASA’s use of the space station, which is permanently manned by six astronauts. This comprised both preparation for and implementation of a large number of medical experiments on the astronauts before, during and after their stay at the space station. Moreover, technical support has been provided to ESA and NASA in relation to Danish Aerospace Company’s equipment on board the space station, which is used regularly by the astronauts. Online support is provided from the Company’s operations centre in Odense with live connection to the Space Station.

Joint Danish Space Adventure

In cooperation with Aquaporin A/S, Danish Aerospace Company has established a joint venture company within the space sector called Aquaporin Space Alliance (ASA). The new company will leverage and further develop the Aquaporin Inside™ technology for space applications for use by European and US aeronautical enterprises and organisations such as ESA and NASA. Aquaporin Inside™ membranes have great potential within the European and US space programmes – primarily for manned space missions of ESA and NASA, as well as in the new and growing private commercial aeronautical industry in the USA.

New interesting possibilities

It is Management’s overall objective to continue developing Danish Aerospace Company. This will be achieved by developing new generations of equipment and activities within the various primary product portfolios; respiratory and cardiovascular physiology monitoring equipment, specialised exercise equipment as well as operational support for the implementation of experiments and monitoring of astronauts in space. Management will seek to broaden the customer base by attracting new customers in the private space sector, primarily in the USA, and by developing the Company’s activities and products so as to cover also related synergy areas within the defense sector.

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