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6 August 2012

Social and Healthcare Workers' School relocating next to M. Goldschmidt Kollegiet in Holbæk

The M. Goldschmidt Group has concluded a lease with the association of social and healthcare workers' schools on Zealand for the construction of a new school on the Group's site next to the Slotshaven residence halls in Holbæk.

The new social and healthcare workers' school will have a total floor area of around 3,480 sqm, and a big priority in the design process will be ensuring a good learning environment based on flexible spatial arrangements. Also, great emphasis will be placed on visibility and joint access to the communal facilities.

The overall design of the building is based on the idea that the two three-winged courtyards with sloping roofs match the scenic location of the site and the existing M. Goldschmidt Kollegium. An atrium courtyard will form the centre of the school, and the ground floor in particular will be dedicated to the school's high-activity zone, comprising a dining hall, reception hall and exhibitions. Parking spaces will be established in connection with the Social and Healthcare Workers' School to cater to commuter students.

The construction site is currently being organised, and with the school being scheduled to welcome students already in late summer next year, the construction process in Holbæk will soon be running at full steam.

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