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14 December 2012

Salinity power in China

The State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China has just issued the Notification on Allowance of Aquaporin's patent application titled "METHODS FOR PRODUCTION OF SALINITY POWER". The application is an important step in Aquaporin's effort of securing exclusivity for the Aquaporin Inside™ technology in China.

The notification follows up perfectly on Aquaporin's news in September 2012 announcing the proceeding to grant of the application "MEMBRANE FOR FILTERING OF WATER" in China. With both applications in good process in the country, Aquaporin is well prepared for market introduction in a country suffering from water scarcity and poor qualities of water.

About Aquaporin A/S

Aquaporin is a Danish cleantech company dedicated to revolutionising water purification by means of industrial biotech techniques and thinking. The company has developed the unique and proprietary Aquaporin Inside™ membrane technology for purification of water, by use of nature’s own method. The target is to develop, produce and commercialise Aquaporin Inside™ membranes for industrial water treatment purposes and desalination of seawater. Aquaporin is a company in the M. Goldschmidt Holding group.

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