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3 September 2007

Imerco to take over Kop & Kande in Holte

The Imerco group has taken over the Kop & Kande store in Holte north of Copenhagen which will continue under the Imerco name at the same location.

“The takeover of Kop & Kande in Holte is the result of the continued expansion of Imerco. We want Imerco to be the Danes’ preferred design and homeware product chain. We expect to take over a number of other stores in the foreseeable future and also open new stores, should the appropriate opportunity arise. The plan is for Imerco to consist of 180 stores in Denmark within a few years”, says Søren Bjørn Hansen, CEO of M. Goldschmidt Capital and member of the board of Imerco Holding.

M. Goldschmidt Capital is the largest shareholder of Imerco Holding, the company behind the Imerco chain, Denmark’s largest in its field.

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