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20 October 2008

Urban Renewal Prize

In September 2008, Teglstrup Have – a residential estate developed by M. Goldschmidt Ejendomme – was awarded the 2008 Urban Renewal Prize by the City of Helsingør.
The Helsingør Property and Environment Committee's Urban Renewal Prize is awarded to a project that makes Helsingør more beautiful and well-functioning. Another objective of the prize is to engage as many people as possible in a debate on the best ways to enhance the built environment while keeping a clear focus on high quality.

The committee’s motivation for awarding the prize reads:

Teglstrup Have comprises four buildings with 66 owner-occupied flats, located in a park landscape on the fringe of a forest on Lindevangsvej close to Helsingør Hospital and next to the Sigurd Schytz Student Hall on Guldgravervej, which is going to be renovated and refurbished. Bicycle paths and footpaths link the parking area to the north of the estate with the local school, Nordvestskolen.

The new residential development had to be fitted into a setting that already included the nine light-coloured, three-storey concrete blocks of the student hall designed by Danish architect Helge Langetoft in 1970-72. The plot ratio of 50 applied to the student hall site was also applied to Teglstrup Have. By means of newly established paths meandering through the undulating landscape dotted with a few trees and featuring a small lake, the site was made accessible to everyone.

Most of the buildings in the estate are blocks facing south. Because of the staggered ground plan based on the boundaries between individual flats and because of the vibrant, unrendered brick walls, the buildings look light and friendly. Projecting balconies continue into cavernous flats in a way that adds character to the building design. The alternating horizontal and vertical bands of windows and balconies form a harmonious whole because of the simple, level-based shifts.

Details such as roof edge flashings, handrails and balustrades are characterised by high-quality craftsmanship and materials. The lifts ensure unimpeded access for everyone. However, disabled people will not be able to exit the basement stair lifts unassisted.

The lawns in front of the buildings have hedges around outdoor spaces and small gardens for the ground floor flats. The landscape leading down to the lake can be seen from the balconies, French windows and individual rooms of the residential units.

The pitch of the roof is not only visible from the outside: in top floor units, extra quality is added to the spaces by the sloping ceilings. All rooms are decorated in white or light colours, and the estate is absolutely a worthy prize winner.

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