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21 February 2012

150 new youth residences and 23 commercial units in the heart of Copenhagen

Historical building converted into youth residences and commercial units

  • M. Goldschmidt Holding A/S has acquired the property where the Royal Danish Mint has struck Danish coins for generations. The property is now being converted into youth residences and commercial units.
  • In a close and constructive collaboration with the City of Copenhagen, M. Goldschmidt Holding A/S¬ has obtained a building permit for the conversion of the property into 150 one-, ¬two- and three-bedroom youth residences and 23 office units.
  • Letting/signing up starts now!

Conversion begins now

The conversion begins now and is expected to be completed for the property to be brought into use on 1 August 2012. The 150 youth residences will thus be completed at the perfect time for the many thousands of new students moving to Copenhagen each year to commence a study programme.

The demand for youth residences is huge and with these 150 centrally located youth residences, M. Goldschmidt Holding A/S contributes to making a special effort in this area.

Project Director, Ulrik Bebe said: “The Royal Danish Mint is centrally located at Amager Boulevard with not less than three metro stations in close proximity, very close to the University of Copenhagen at Amager and only a short distance from the Copenhagen city centre, the airport, etc.”

Letting of the youth residences and commercial units starts now, and we have already experienced strong advance interest. We expect the property to be fully let within a very short period of time, and people who are interested can already sign up to be put on a priority list.

“With the great demand for youth residences, we expect to be able to put up a 'fully let' sign shortly,” said Project Director, Ulrik Bebe.

“The office units, ranging in size from 50-147 sqm, target a segment in great demand, i.e. small leases, and we expect keen interest in the office units, hopefully allowing the property to be fully let on 1 August 2012 when it is brought to use,” concluded Project Director, Ulrik Bebe.

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