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27 December 2011

Imerco+ customer club celebrates 100,000 members in just two months

Customers love Imerco's customer club, Imerco+, which offers special benefits to the chain's loyal customers. Since the launch in mid-October, members have flocked to the club, and Imerco+ now has a total membership of 100,000.

Exclusive offers, saved-up bonus points that can be converted into purchases at Imerco's 154 stores, and special newsletters for members are some of the benefits offered to customers when they join the Imerco+ customer club. The popularity of the club allows Imerco to celebrate 100,000 members just two months after the club was launched.

“We are very proud that Imerco+ is so popular with our customers. And we are very pleased that we can celebrate 100,000 members of our loyalty club after just two months,” says Imerco's CEO, Villy Gravengaard.

Cash benefits

The benefits are very obvious: Imerco+ is one of the only customer clubs in Denmark to offer conversion of saved-up bonus points into purchases of the customer's own choice or into a discount on large purchases. Morten Kåre Pedersen, Imerco's Head of Marketing, believes that this is one of the reasons why the Imerco+ club is so popular with customers:

“Every time Imerco+ members shop at Imerco and remember to use their membership card, they save up bonus points that can be used freely in the store. For every DKK 20 purchased, the customer saves DKK 1, and this will soon add up if you shop regularly at Imerco's stores. Not many other customer clubs can match this, and our customers have been quick to realise that,” says Morten Kåre Pedersen.

New customer initiatives

In addition to bonus points, the customers also get special membership offers and newsletters with information about events, offers and news that are exclusive to members.

Over the past few years, Imerco has been successful in launching new store concepts and a very brand-focused product offering. Today, Imerco is Denmark's largest housewares chain, and during a period generally marked by weak consumer spending, the chain has managed to grow every year.

“Imerco+ is another example of how we constantly strive to increase customer satisfaction and hence loyalty. We can see that if we satisfy customer expectations and if, on top of that, we are able to offer a little extra, the customers return. Although customers shop around between different stores, they generally like to be loyal to their local and preferred store. This is the trend that we are accommodating with Imerco+,” says Villy Gravengaard.

Membership of Imerco+ is free of charge and without obligation. New members can register at or their local Imerco store where they also pick up their membership card.

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