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28 September 2011


All units tenanted at Grønningen in central Copenhagen

M. Goldschmidt Ejendomme is happy to announce that all units, both residential and commercial, at the Group's domicile properties at Grønningen 17, 19, 21, 23, 25/Store Kongensgade 118, 128, 130, 132, 134/Hammerensgade 1 and 2, Jens Kofods Gade 1 and 2 have now been tenanted.

The latest commercial occupiers include Investeringsselskabet Midtgaard Holding and Uttrup Financial Advisors A/S, which are relocating to new domiciles at Hammerensgade 1 and Store Kongensgade 118, respectively.

Design company Masai Holding, domiciled at Hammerensgade 1, recently expanded its lease by 425 sqm of newly refurbished space, and IT company Net Company, domiciled at Grønningen 19, will be expanding its lease by 1,200 sqm of refurbished space.

We experience sustained demand for our commercial tenancies located in the "Golden Triangle" between Grønningen, Store Kongensgade and Hammerensgade, and we have both residential and commercial candidates waiting for a vacancy to open up. These well-maintained properties enjoy an attractive location at the gate to central Copenhagen, encircled by Kastellet, Nyboder and Esplanaden.

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